At StoresGo, we are obsessed with our customer’s trust. Information Security maintains this by guarding the confidentiality and integrity of StoresGo and customer data. We assess risk, classify data and systems, detect potential intrusion, and render useless the value of data that may be leaked.

Our team focus areas include: security intelligence, application security, incident response, security operations, risk and compliance. Our mission includes instilling awareness to safeguard all customer and employee data, applications, services, and assets. To accomplish this, we build security best practices into enterprise-wide systems. Our guidance and leadership equip
our partners to maintain high security standards.

storesgo information security

Credit Card Security Information

Preventing fraudulent purchases
Investigating phishing emails
Responding to certain credit card disputes

Secure payments on StoresGo

All credit card information sent to StoresGo is encrypted using secure socket layer technology (SSL) and stored in a PCI compliant environment. StoresGo follows industry standards to protect other payment and personal information submitted to us, both during transmission and after StoresGo receives it.

For more detailed information regarding our efforts to keep our site secure, as well as information on our Privacy Policy.


A chargeback is when funds are returned to a credit card owner after they report an incorrect or unwanted transaction on their card to the credit card company. Chargebacks are filed for a number of reasons, but in some cases they can be due to fraud.

We’ll investigate the dispute to see if it’s valid. If additional information is required from you to resolve the dispute, you will be contacted at the email address you used to open your StoresGo account.

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