• Step 1: Go to our website
  • Step 2: Click Sell Your Products at the upright corner of the page.
  • Step 3: Click Get Started
  • Step 4: Fill in the blanks with appropriate information.
  • Step 5: If you already have seller Log In info click on Sign In



  • Step 1: Go to the link and login your account.
  • Step 2: The Add Products function can be found under both the Catalog and Inventory. Click Add ProductsList a new productCreate a new product listing.
  • Step 3: Choose the appropriate product category on the All Product Categories section. Be as detailed as possible. Then click Select.
      • For example: Women → Clothing → Dresses → Select.
  • Step 4: Fill in all blanks in Vital Info, Compliance, Offer, Images, Description and SEO/Meta Details fields → Save. The product is added to StoresGo as inactive.
      • Notes:
      • Offer:
        • Retail Price <Market Preice>
        • Purchase Price < Sell Price ≤ Market Price. The system automatically calculates the difference between the sell price and market price (if any) and displays that as a discount percentage.
        • Quantity <Available Stock>
        • Add product weight and package weight exactly as it implies to count delivery charge. 
        • Available Shipping Templates → Add new Shipping Templates → Fill in the blanks → Add Templates.
      • Description:
        • Features: Main features and functions of the product. Be brief, direct, specific, precise and easy to understand. Bullet points are encouraged. Avoid wordy and long sentences or paragraphs.
        • Long Details: Detailed descriptions about the product and/or the brand. Images and size charts (if any) are encouraged.
        • Product Specification: Add the main characteristics of the products here withy bullet point. 
      • SEO/Meta Details:
        • Meta Description: Normally the product name.
        • Keywords: Use short, strong, direct and common words related to the product and/or the brand. Product Keywords and Platinum Keywords can be the same.
  • Step 5: InventoryManage Inventory → Select the newly added product → Approved.  





  • Steps 1-4: Similar to Steps 1-4 in the Add a new product process.
  • Step 5: To the right of the newly added product row: ActionCopy Listing.
    • Notes:

Number of Copies = Number of Colors * Number of Sizes – 1.

  • Step 6: Edit each copied product according to a different color and size: ActionEditSave.
    • Notes:
      • Edit all information being different from the original product, such as product code, SKU, manufacturer part number, inventory, prices, images and so on.
      • Vital Info: Always edit Item Condition.
      • Variations: Do NOT edit this field.


    • Apply Add a new product (from Step 1 to Step 4) to all variations.
    • Number of Products Added = Number of Colors * Number of Sizes.
    • Step 7: Select any of those newly added/edited products to add variation: ActionAdd VariationVariation ThemeColor-Size → Add all colors and sizes in Step 6 by clicking + → Type in color and size names/numbers → Add Variations → Match each color-size with the SKU, product code, price, quantity and manufacturer part number edited in Step 6 → Save.
    • Notes:
      • Open Add Variation in a new tab for easier matching.
      • Always select Color-Size even if the product has only one color/size.
      • One box contains ONLY ONE color/size.
        • If the product is available in X colors and Y sizes, click + X times on the Color side and Y times on the Size side.
        • If the product has only one color/size, do NOT click + on that side.
        • If you click + by mistake, refresh the page.
      • Begin the color name with a capital letter (e.g. Black rather than black) for a better view on the website.
      • Add the sizes in your preferred order (ascending or descending) because the system does NOT rearrange the sizes and they will appear as the way you add them.
      • For example: If your shoes are available in sizes 5, 6 and 7 and you add 6, 7, 5, they will appear as 6-7-5 on the website. For a better view, you’d rather add 5-6-7 or 7-6-5.
    • Step 8: Select all product variations → Approved.
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