To ensure that your package is properly delivered and that you receive your package within the time frame we advertise, please make sure that your address is correctly entered and includes all relevant and/or required information. The use of correct abbreviations, street numbers, building or apartment numbers, and route information (if applicable) is critical for ensuring timely delivery. We do not take responsibility for lost, misplaced, or incorrectly delivered shipments if the address information provided is incorrect or incorrectly entered at the time of purchase.
We will ship to PO Boxes. However, expedited shipping is not available to a PO Box. Other carrier options are available and we reserve the right to change carriers at any time.
For international shipments, the goods will be imported on behalf of the consignee/buyer. The consignee authorizes StoresGo to import the goods on their behalf. Further, the consignee/buyer agrees StoresGo may delegate the obligation to import the goods on their  behalf to a subcontractor (e.g. customs broker). The consignee will pay the taxes & duties in addition with the purchase price of the goods.

All orders are subject to processing time that is separate and apart from the time it takes for a shipment to reach its destination once it has been picked up from our fulfillment center by the applicable carrier. Depending on a number of factors, standard domestic and international orders may take up to 2 business days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays) to process.
After your payment is authorized and verified, standard orders can still take 2 business days to process. This is just an estimate and doesn't include weekends or holidays.

The estimated timelines for processing, transit, and final delivery are not included.
Please note that orders to US destinations may take 1-12 business days from the date that it is shipped out, not necessarily from the date that it is placed, and depending on the shipping method selected and final destination of the order.
When your order has been shipped, you will receive an email with tracking information.
For U.S. Domestic & International orders, we will use DHL, FEDEX, USPS or UPS to ship to most locations. Alternative carriers may be selected at our sole discretion to meet shipping requirements. Your final shipping cost is displayed at the point of checkout.

Shipping fees are non-refundable. If you refuse any shipments from, you will be held responsible for the original shipping charges, plus the cost of returning the package to us. This amount will be deducted from any credit issued.
We will ship to PO Boxes via USPS. However, expedited shipping is not available to a PO Box.

If you are experiencing a non-delivery or your tracking information states that your package was delivered by the carrier but you have not received it; you must contact us within 10 days to file a claim.
We will assist you in working with the carrier to complete the claims process. Please note: Claims can take up to 30 days to complete (depending on the shipping carrier used).
StoresGo does not hold or accept responsibility for packages that have been reported as delivered by the carrier. We do not issue refunds or credits for packages that the carrier confirms as being delivered.

If your order includes multiple items and one (or more) of the items are out of stock: we will go ahead and ship the rest of your order, issuing a refund to your original form of payment for the item(s) not in stock.

While we will make every effort to accommodate your shipping and billing preferences, in order to protect our shipping reputation, StoresGo reserves the right to require customers to use a “common” shipping and billing address in the event we are unable to process an order or verify a shipping address provided.
Additionally, StoresGo reserves the right to solely define and limit, refuse, and/or cancel orders from customers at any time due to:

  1. An irregular or excessive returns history indicative of “wardrobing;”
  2. An irregular or excessive returns history involving worn, altered, laundered, damaged, or missing items; or,
  3. Potential fraudulent or criminal activity.

Seller shipping

StoresGo offers a variety of services to make it easier for sellers to get their products into the hands of buyers quickly and securely. This Shipping Policy explains your shipping obligations as a seller and your rights and responsibilities when using StoresGo’s shipping labels services.
This policy is a part of our Terms of Use. By opening an StoresGo seller account, you are agreeing to this policy and to our Terms of Use.
Shipping Your Items

Sellers are responsible for shipping their sold items to buyers. If you are using a shipping or fulfillment service, please keep in mind that you are ultimately responsible for making sure that your buyers receive their orders.
By selling on StoresGo, you agree to:

A. Provide an accurate "ships from" address.
B. Specify your shipping costs and processing times in your listings.
C. Ship items promptly after they are sold. Prompt shipping means that you ship each item within 3-5 days of purchase, unless you specify otherwise in your processing time or agree to a different shipping period with the buyer through messages. Before you update your processing time for a specific order, you must first obtain your buyer’s consent.
D. Comply with all local and international shipping and customs regulations. We know that shipping and customs regulations can be tough to read, so check out these Help articles on international shipping using United States Postal Service (USPS), Canada Post, Royal Mail, and Australia Post.
E. Ship to the address listed on the StoresGo receipt.
F. Mark the order as shipped when you ship it, or use a StoresGo Shipping Label, which automatically marks your order as shipped. Remember that you may only mark an order as shipped after you actually have shipped it. When you mark an order as shipped, the buyer will receive a notification.
G. Charge an appropriate amount for shipping. US and Canadian sellers can use calculated shipping to have shipping costs calculated automatically.
By entering tracking information or delivery confirmation on StoresGo, you're giving us permission to collect and share this data received from your chosen shipping carrier with the buyer.
In the unlikely event an order does not arrive, be prepared to provide valid proof of shipping. Valid proof of shipping must show that the item actually was shipped and that it was sent to the address provided on StoresGo. If a buyer does not receive their order, they may file a case against your shop. Please see this Help article to learn more about StoresGo's case system.

2. StoresGo Shipping Labels

Sellers in the United States, Canada, and  Mexico who accept StoresGo Payments or as a payment method are able to use StoresGo Shipping Labels.
By using StoresGo Shipping Labels, you agree that:
A. All shipping labels will only be used to ship corresponding StoresGo orders.
B. Shipping labels may not be transferred or sold to a third party.
C. You are fully responsible for the contents of any parcels you ship using StoresGo Shipping Labels. In addition to StoresGo’s policies, you agree to comply with the terms and conditions and any other policies or rules imposed by the carrier you use to ship your items.
D. StoresGo is not responsible for any issues you may encounter while items you ship using StoresGo Shipping Labels are in transit. That means that if an item is lost, damaged, or arrives later than expected, you will have no recourse against StoresGo.
E. StoresGo reserves the right to remove your access to StoresGo Shipping Labels at any time.


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