About StoresGo

Who We Are
At StoresGo, we’re transforming the online marketplace by empowering local businesses with a global platform. Sellers can easily manage their stores across multiple channels—mobile, web, social media, and more. Our robust back-office tools provide a seamless view of business operations, ensuring reliability and scalability for businesses of all sizes.

Why StoresGo
StoresGo stands out as a unique alternative to mainstream e-commerce sites by fostering genuine relationships with our sellers—real people with dreams of achieving success. Our user-friendly platform allows anyone to sell new or used items from anywhere, creating opportunities for individuals and families to prosper.

Our Community Promise

  • Empowering Commerce: Keeping commerce and success alive for individuals and families.
  • Privacy Priority: We protect your personal data.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: Ensuring satisfaction for both buyers and sellers.
  • Unique Experience: Creating an unrivaled shopping experience.
  • Fair Competition: We do not compete with our sellers by using their data to undercut them.

The Big Competitors
Unlike our competitors, who often use ruthless competition and unfair practices, StoresGo supports a fair marketplace where sellers can thrive without manipulation or forced compliance.

Core Values

  • Support Local: Prioritizing support for local businesses.
  • Community Prosperity: Keeping money in the community for individual and family prosperity.
  • Unique Experience: Providing a unique shopping experience for buyers.

Our Story
Founded as Eishops, StoresGo has evolved into a global marketplace connecting thousands of buyers and sellers worldwide. We enable individuals, businesses, and organizations to thrive by providing valuable economic opportunities while remaining customer-centric and community-focused. Our goal is to make StoresGo your one-stop shop for all your needs, offering a diverse range of products and services with the best deals and convenient delivery options.

For Sellers
StoresGo offers sellers a safe, secure platform to reach their ideal customers and grow their businesses without competition from the platform itself. We support businesses of all sizes, backgrounds, and locations, ensuring that our sellers' success is our success.

For Buyers
Buyers can explore a vast inventory of quality, unique products while supporting local mom-and-pop stores. Shopping on StoresGo means enjoying the best online shopping experience and contributing to the success of small businesses.

Our People
Our dedicated team is committed to providing the best possible experience for our customers and sellers. We continuously improve our platform, embrace positive change, and strive for complete customer satisfaction, driven by our passion for excellence.
Join us at StoresGo and become part of a community that values local businesses, quality products, and an exceptional shopping experience. For more details and to join our community, visit StoresGo.

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