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At StoresGo, we are convinced that we have created the next generation of online shopping. Our goal is to offer the widest collection of products to customers, and our sellers are at the forefront of making that a reality.

As a leading e-commerce platform, we appreciate our sellers, and we are always looking for new ways to add value to them and their business.

When you choose to sell on StoresGo, you take part in our goal of offering customers the best selection of quality and best-priced products as well as a top-notch customer experience.

Start Selling Today

Begin your journey into a world of great opportunities for your business. Here are a few benefits of selling on StoresGo.


Reach thousands of new customers daily

StoresGo creates various means for sellers to reach thousands of new customers every day; with our robust advertising systems and marketing approach, your online business will scale to new heights.



Feel confident in knowing that you are selling with an e-commerce platform that has your best interests at heart. We realize that our sellers are the backbone of our company, and we go above and beyond to serve them and protect their business.



We value and support our sellers no matter what. We will always be available to help you in any way possible. Bank on our 24/7 accessible seller support team to provide all the assistance you need.

Your Success Is Our Success

You'll love selling on StoresGo

Easy Listing

It has never been easier to have your products listed; with few simple steps on your StoresGo seller dashboard, you can have your products uploaded for approval within minutes.

Free Listing

List as many items as you'd like for free; only pay when they sell. We are offering an innovative new way for e-commerce sellers like you to gain as much revenue from their business as possible.

Seller Protection

As our esteemed seller, you are backed up by our powerful platform, a seller-dedicated support team, and StoresGo policies that give you the full confidence in knowing that your business is well protected.

Millions of Buyers

We are one of the world's biggest emerging e-commerce marketplace, connecting sellers with thousands of new and repeat customers daily.

Mobile Accessible

List your products and easily access your seller dashboard right from your mobile phone. We have created a very user-friendly platform that lets you manage your store on the go.

Easy Signup

Find out how simple it is to register on StoresGo as a seller and start making money; you'll get all the support you need every step of the way.

How Selling On StoresGo Works

***Begin your journey into a world of great opportunities for your business. Here are a few benefits of selling on StoresGo.

Sign Up and list your products on StoresGo

Set up your seller account in few minutes, access loads of important features on your seller dashboard, and list your products.

Receive orders for your products

With our marketing, advertising, and our organic product search features, we will help you kickstart your business and so that you can begin to see those orders roll in.

Product delivery

SStoresGo handles the delivery of products to customers. You can also choose to deliver products yourself to nearby product destinations.

Get paid for your sales

Getting paid is always the sweetest part about selling, and we compliment that by making sure our sellers get their payments in as little as -- business days.

Launch Your Business Online and Grow

Let us help you discover the huge opportunities involved with selling on StoresGo. We will do the heavy-lifting for your e-commerce business from marketing to business growth information; we help see you through because we value your success. Benefit from StoresGo additional services that are specially designed to help you scale; this includes order fulfillment, processing, advertising, and much more.

Product Advertising On StoresGo

Because we value your partnership and love seeing your business thrive, We actively market our sellers' products, randomly showcasing them on our homepage for free. We will give your products all the visibility it needs to bring you maximum sales and help you achieve your business goals.


Why Sell On StoresGo?

Earn More Money

Easily list your products, sell to thousands of ready-to-buy customers and start earning money fast.

Reach Wide Audiences

We provide opportunities for e-commerce businesses to get their products in front of their ideal customers and grow their business.

24/7 Support

StoresGo provides various tools for our sellers to grow, including a dedicated seller support team. We truly want you to succeed and have your best interest at heart. We are here to assist you anytime and any day.

Low Commissions

With commission rates as low as 5% sellers only pay when they have successfully made a sale.

You're In Control

Your business, your rules, you have full control of your prices, content, delivery methods, and other important options.


Seller FAQ

People can start a business on-demand. Empower sellers to create custom mini websites within StoresGo for Free

Once your item sells, we generally charge 10% of the final value. You can add unlimited listing for free and we give free insertion per listing.

StoresGo provides recommendations, but you can choose a preferred shipping carrier. Can’t make it to your local dropoff. Print your own shipping labels with StoresGo to receive a discount from the carriers we work with. If you don’t have a printer

We’ve got powerful tools to help you manage your inventory and orders, track your sales, and build your brand.

When creating your listing, you can offer local pickup by selecting it in shipping details. Once the buyer pays,

For the greatest value and convenience, the system automatically pulls the cheapest shipping options from several couriers based on product weight and size. Or you can add your preferred shipping cost.

You can use any packaging supplies you may already have at home or get free boxes from carriers.

You decide on your product(s) listing price. Also, how you price your item can depend on how fast you want to sell it. Choose a lower starting price to create more interest.

You can sell almost anything, from homemade goods to used or unused items from your closet. We restrict items that violate any laws, or infringe on intellectual property.

To get started, click on Sell on StoresGo, then click Get Started. Follow the process, create, and verify your account, including adding payment information.

After we confirm the buyer's payment has been received and product(s) is received in good condition by buyers, payouts are sent directly to your bank account/PayPal account, Monday through Friday (excluding bank holidays), within two business days. Once a payout is initiated, funds are typically available within 1-3 business days depending on your bank's normal processing time.

We understand that things can happen that are out of your control as a seller. When they do, we have your back.

If StoresGo finds a buyer's behavior is abusive, we will take action on the buyer and remove negative and neutral feedback and defects, including opened cases in service metrics.

We will protect you by removing negative and neutral feedback and defects when things happen that are outside your control, such as weather or carrier delays, or when the item arrives late but tracking shows you shipped on time.

StoresGo Services Business Solutions Agreement


Easy Selling platform

  • Whether you have an established ecommerce business, mom-and-pop, or working on a great idea for a new product/service, or you just have a passion for selling, let StoresGo be your selling platform.
  • Create account
  • List unlimited products
  • Earn revenue

Create your own website in minutes

  • Design a Free custom website that's powered by StoresGo platform.
  • StoresGo provides hosted solution to sellers. Seller stores, runs on our own servers and sellers don't have to buy web hosting or install software to begin selling.
  • Sellers can manage their store from anywhere

How much is StoresGo reliance on seller?

  • The StoresGo success is directly tied to our seller's success.
  • We actively market our sellers’ products and randomly showcase their products on our homepage for free.
  • We encourage everyone to become a seller; each seller receives a seller store fully customizable.
  • We spend millions of dollars on marketing ads to specifically help sellers like yourself get more sales and be less reliant on top players who at anytime can change the dynamics of the game.

StoresGo Community Promise

  • Keeping commerce and success alive for individuals looking to do better for themselves and families.
  • Most importantly, privacy is our highest priority- We do not share your personal data with anyone.
  • We do not use our sellers’ data to compete with them, which means if you as a seller have a big ticket item that is making lots of sales, StoresGo will not use this information to build a replica and sell it to undercut your business.
  • Ensure the satisfaction of both our buyers and sellers.

StoresGo seller platform is Simple, transparent, secure

  • No monthly fees
  • No Listing fee
  • Secure transactions
  • Seller protection
  • Automatic deposits
  • Fast payout

Reach millions of global buyers

  • We are one of the world’s fastest growing marketplaces, connecting you with buyers all over the world.
  • We are local business global marketplace
  • StoresGo is a conduit for small businesses and buyers who wants to change the status quo

StoresGo Seller Program has everything you need to build and grow your business

  • Your listings and orders
  • Performance, orders, sales and tax reports
  • International and domestic shipping options
  • Payments management

Free Marketing on Homepage

  • Unlike its competitors, StoresGo is committed to not charge its sellers for showcasing their merchandise on the homepage and provides free of cost marketing service to all.

Inventory management

You’ll gain access to a variety of tools that can help you manage your inventory and orders, track your sales, calculate profitability and build your brand.

Local Pickup Option

Local pickup - buyers can pick up sold items from sellers locally. This works great for sellers selling heavy or bulky items. In some instances, shipping such items may not be very feasible due to high shipping costs.


Ready To Start Selling?

Earn more hassle-free with a platform that values your business success.

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