Mosquito Backpack Vacuum (HEPA Super) 6 Quart

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Vacuum 60% faster with the Mosquito HEPA. 


Extremely high air-flow speeds your cleaning, increasing productivity, reducing costs and effort. The Mosquito backpack vacuum is great for use in schools, office buildings, hospitals and high traffic areas. Highly effective in removing fine dust and particulates embedded deep in the carpet fibers the Mosquito offers superior in suction.


Mosquito 10-Quart Super HEPA Specifications


  • Weight: 9.8 lbs 
  • Airflow: 152 
  • CFM Static Lift: 101 in 
  • Power: 1328w 
  • Amperage: 11.4amp 
  • Decibel: 67dB 
  • Filtration: Quad with HEPA

Mosquito Backpack Vacuum (HEPA Super) 6 Quart

Mosquito Backpack Vacuum (HEPA Super) 6 Quart

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